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Food List for a Formal Party

Basically there are three types of formal parties held today during those special celebrations or occasions, such as showers or weddings etc. where guests arrive in dazzling formal dresses Australia and gorgeous bridesmaid dresses.



Formal Sit-down dinner

Let us study in detail about them-


One of the simple and fantastic ways for serving a crowd with delicacies is through the buffet system. It keeps the hosts relaxed without worries of the kitchen and concentrates on entertaining the guests. Guests can purchase elegant formal party dresses from QueenieAustralia.com for this occasion. There are spicy varieties of eatables that can be chosen to be casually displayed such as salad and garlic bread along with pasta or also exotically trimmed rib roast is an apt choice for buffet.

You can arrange the buffet in two ways, where you can make the guests sit on the sofa or stand holding the plates while eating. This style will allow the guests to mingle and converse easily. But this could be best suitable for a small crowd of people or when held in a small campus. For a more formal evening, the best choice is to serve a sit down buffet. Whatever the menu you order for a buffet, your guests are going to enjoy in a relaxed manner when served as sit-down way.


Cocktail party could be considered as the most exotic way of entertaining your guests in bridesmaid dresses within a short time span. Cocktails can be planned in an elaborate manner or within a limited budget according to the available resources. Your guests in formal dresses Australia will be enjoying their favorite drinks while nibbling few yummy appetizers and once they complete this, will be ready to the next event or to the dinner straight. The cocktail party can be set up in two different methods –as a tray pass or as a buffet.

The tray pass cocktail party requires a gorgeous waitress or waiter, who will pass with a tray filled appetizers, through the guests. Tray pass will be conducted to cover whole length of the party. And the kitchen also must be equipped with professionals who can keep setting up the trays according to the demand and number of people feasting on, eventually. In case of the buffet style cocktail party, you need to set up a sideboard filled with mouth watering appetizers.

Formal sit down dinner

In the formal sit down dinner styled party food is served in courses. You need to invite your precious guests wearing formal dresses Australia few hours before the dinner and can serve them cocktail prior to the main course. This will give them an idea to choose the best comfortable bridesmaid dresses or prom dresses from QueenieAustralia.com. Place cards on the tables, with names of the guests written; this will help in avoiding any confusion.

Arrange the seating in a shuffled manner, so that the guests will be entertained and occupied while enjoying their delicious dinner. Mostly during such formal evening party, servers are arranged by hosts, so that the guests will feel relaxed from the chase for fetching food. This is the time for show casing all your rich luxurious silverware, china collections and elegant candle sticks as well. It is very important that you decorate the table in a more attractive and beautiful manner.

Food list for a formal party


Brunch could be considered as best choice for a formal sit down or buffet party. Hot steaming coffee along with biscuits, fresh creamy dollops and freshly cut fruits could be considered as best courses for brunch. Easiest and tastiest brunch is to mix match scrambled eggs with pepper, salt and cream, and serve them along with green peppers, diced onion, fresh or creamy herbs, and ham. Eggs can also be displayed as yummy quiches, French toast, frittatas, eggs Benedict, scrambled with smoked salmon, deviled eggs, soufflés, pasta and crepe.

Delicious side dishes

Meat could be the first option for courses, which includes seafood, smoked salmon, hash, pork or chicken chops, chicken wings and sausages.

Scones, biscuits, muffins, waffles, crumpets, baguettes, pancakes, toast, tortillas are next course that will entertain your guests.

You can serve selection of cut fresh fruits and chilled seasonal fruits for deserts that can be enjoyed by the pretty ladies in bridesmaid dresses and smart men in their formal wears.

Condiments like the mustards, salsas, jellies, jams, real maple syrup, caramelized onions, ketchup and more adds taste to your yummy course of tasty treat.

Potatoes like hash browns, potato salad and fried potatoes can also be considered as the best choice and most preferred as well.


Take time to set the table in an attractive manner according to the wedding party planner’s guide and your creativity!