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Mobile Shopping Tips for Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Online shopping is the most favored choice of the buyers of bridesmaid dresses Australia because of the convenience to shop from anywhere, any time and even when one is constantly on the move.

Mobile shopping secures the top most position because it is absolutely user friendly. One can do the shopping by selecting a bridesmaid dress and then opting for favorite color, size and quantity and then adding to the shop bag and reviewing the choices before finalization of the order.

“Though absolutely a user friendly way of shopping there are certain points to give due consideration” said an official spokesman of queenieaustralia.com while briefing the media on their experience with the online buyers of bridesmaid dresses Australia. “During the previous year around 52% of the online shoppers used their mobile devices for making purchases. Though no one can deny the convenience and unique advantages of online shopping through mobile, it has some associated risks especially when one continuously depends on the public WiFi”.

Recent studies revealed that almost 88% of the people using mobiles recognize that theft of identity becomes a potential issue when mostly relying on public WiFi and to prevent such risks it is better to have a virtual private network installed on the mobile device.

There are other threats from the scammers who continuously send false e-mails or posts about fake problem of the accounts and orders trapping the online shoppers to click the links they should never and ultimately many personal and security information get stolen.

Online shoppers using mobiles should never enter their personal information on the websites that starts with only ‘http’. Before entering personal information on any website one must ensure that the website begins with ‘https’ indicating that the website has the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) installed for protection of personal information. Further one must also check the small lock icon at the bottom of the page ensuring security.

“Mobiles are therefore to be kept clean always by updating the software regularly for reduction of the risks of malware infections. Further, the defense should be enhanced with extremely strong password using numbers and symbols and also varying cases to make the password very hard to break. And there should be different passwords for different accounts to prevent hacking of all accounts together” apprised the chief internet security of the Quinee Australia. “We are also publishing news letters on nets security in mobile shopping regularly for the benefit of our customers”, he further added.

The Mobile shoppers must go through legitimate app stores only while shopping bridesmaid dresses Australia on the mobile. The thumb rule is that no short cuts should be entertained and only apps from legitimate app stores should be downloaded because they have protections against malicious apps.

Queenie Australia accepts payments through PayPal or credit or debit cards for all online purchases of bridesmaid dresses Australia. In some extreme cases it takes up to 24 hours for payment confirmation. The company sends email to the customers stating “You have successfully placed on order” indicating confirmation of payment.

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